Top 5 places in Prague, Czech Republic

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Best 5 places in Prague

Old Town (Stare Mesto) & Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti)
To say the least, this place is jumping. Everything from the La Ti Da stores like Cartier on one side to sausage vendors on the other. Street performers and people watching at it's best. Right around the corner from "the Clock" and it seems each of the alley ways leading from the square are jam packed with mysteries waiting to be discovered.

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St. Vitus Cathedral
Gorgeous gothic cathedral worth visiting, as well as the rest of the Prague Castle where it's located.
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)
Very romantic and historic place. Is the hearth of the city life. Here you could find all type of people and street artists.

Prague Zoo
Lots of animals! Nice large areas for animals, except some birds. Reserve a Day because it takes hours to see everything!

Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad)

Prague Castle in 1870

Go before the afternoon as the things inside close early, however even after closing you can just walk around the grounds and take pictures.
Very crowded so add extra time to your itinerary to account for walking slowly and waiting in lines.
Because the complex is solo big consider going with a tour or guide to Bettie explain things to you as there isn't a lot of information or signage around.
Must climb many stairs to get to the top of the hill, so be prepared. Those who have limited mobility might want to look into other options of transport to the castle or make extra time for climbing you way up.

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