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London, England’s capital, set on the River Thames.

1. Time to go

The heaviest tourist season runs mid-April through mid-September, with another peak around Christmas—though the tide never really ebbs. Late spring is the time to see the surrounding countryside and the Royal parks and gardens at their freshest; fall brings autumnal beauty and fewer people. Summer gives the best chance of good weather, although the crowds are most intense. Winter can be dismal—the sun sets at 4 and it’s dark by 5—but all the theaters, concerts, and exhibitions go full-speed ahead, and Christmas lights bring a touch of festive magic to the busy streets. For a schedule of festivals, check


Tipping is done in Britain just as in the United States, but at a lower level. So, although it might make you uncomfortable, tipping less than you would back home in restaurants—and not tipping at all in pubs—is not only accepted, but standard. Tipping more can look like you're showing off. Do not tip movie or theater ushers, elevator operators, or bar staff in pubs—although you can always offer to buy the latter a drink.

When you arrive in London, you can get good information at the Travel Information Centre near the Eurostar arrivals area at St. Pancras International train station and at Victoria and Liverpool Street stations. These are helpful if you're looking for brochures for London sights, or if something's gone horribly wrong with your hotel reservation—if, for example, you don't have one—as they have a useful reservations service. The Victoria station center, opposite Platform 8, is open Monday–Saturday 7:15 am–9:15 pm, Sunday 8:15 am–7 pm; the St. Pancras center Monday–Saturday 7:15 am–9:15 pm, Sunday 8:15 am–8:15 pm; while Liverpool Street and Euston station centers open Saturday–Thursday 8:15 am–7:15 pm, Friday 8:15 am–8:15 pm. The one at Piccadilly Circus Tube station is open daily 9:15 am–7 pm. The Travel Information Centre at Heathrow is open Monday–Saturday 7:15 am–8 pm and Sunday 8:15 am–8 pm. There are also London Tourist Information Centres in Greenwich and some other Outer London locations.


OTHER WEBSITES, the Evening Standard online, and the BBC


Tips and Tricks for your visit to London

Go Big at Breakfast

The Brits get a bad wrap for their fairly mediocre cuisine, but it’s no longer the case. If there’s one thing they know how to do (ridiculously well) it’s the ol’ English Breakfast! If you walk into a restaurant and order the full English breakfast, you can rest assured you’ll be full until the afternoon hits – when, of course, it’s time for a spot of afternoon tea. There are many variations (including the newly popular brunch which is all the rage), but the traditional English breakfast will consist of two eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and a baked tomato. All of this should of course be consumed with English breakfast tea – what else!?

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Top 11 Money-Saving Tips For Visiting London
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Squeeze the most out of your trip to London with our top money-saving tips. And the best bit? Many of these affordable options are way more fun than pricey alternatives!

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3. Places to go

  1. British Museum
  2. National Gallery
  3. Natural History Museum
  4. Tate Modern
  5. Coca-Cola London Eye
  6. Science Museum
  7. Victoria and Albert Museum
  8. Tower of London
  9. Royal Museums Greenwich
  10. Madame Tussauds London


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